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The service that makes us

Ticketing system integrated into your website
After sending your event parameters – the name of the event, types of tickets, prices, discount or special offers, dates of sales – we create an embeddable widget, a code, using which you can sell your tickets directly on your own website. This is a customized interface created in accordance with your needs showing the shopping cart, the list of the tickets and the information about the event. Using the sales admin feature connected to the event, you can track and manage the entire sales process. You can either create new ticket types, or alter any sales parameter.
Online Tickets
The ticketing system integrated into your website has the ability to sell different types of tickets at various prices. The online payments are handled by our reliable payment processing partner and your invoice is sent by email. When entering the event, you just show your mobile ticket.
You can also use your special coupon, thus you are entitled to receive a discounted price.
If you fail to validate your coupon online before the event, you can apply the code personally right before entering the event, where the hosts will use a special admin interface to validate the coupon belonging to a ticket. If the coupon is active, the visitor can receive his or her ticket wristband.
Entry – Tickets purchased on the spot
Entering an event venue can be organized at multiple entry spots where our host staff will help you. If necessary, exit points can also be monitored so as to comply with the headcount.
The work of the host staff at the entry, exit and ticket selling points is controlled and supervised by a superior manager.
When entering the event, the tickets can be checked and validated promptly with the help of various devices – e.g. laptop, PDA, mobile phone.
The system constantly syncs with the online interface, thus the number of frauds can be largely reduced and the quality of the service can be significantly improved.
Our hosts will help you when you personally wish to purchase tickets at the venue. In this case you will immediately receive your ticket wristband. At the event venue, we can provide cash registers or online payment terminals on demand. Here, we also handle ticket related problems, as well as partner and VIP codes.
Mass flow monitoring
Mass flow monitoring is conducted by RFID gates so as not to exceed the territorial gathering limits. Creating full security is a priority task for events, also can help build customer trust.
Reports and Statistics
Using individual QR codes, the number of visitors who have not arrived until the event starts, or visitors who are on the waiting list can be monitored. After the event, the exits can show which program attracted the most attention. Analysing data can help you follow the customer trends, in addition, can help you target the right people and guarantee success.